Monitoring flood water in the Detroit River

Monitoring flood water in the detroit river

Great Lakes water levels have reached record highs in 2019, eroding shorelines, threatening and damaging public/private infrastructure (e.g., marinas, homes and cottages), and overwhelming water systems in communities. On July 7, 2019, strong winds from the northwest pushed Detroit River water above the storm water system in Lasalle, Ontario, resulting in significant flooding, closure of

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Modelling of nutrient inputs into Lake Erie using real-time instrumentation

placing buoy in lake erie

Harmful algal blooms are a major concern in large waterbodies and have historically been linked with high phosphorus inputs. In Lake Erie, while extensive watershed management plans have successfully helped to reduce phosphorus loads received by the lake, HAB frequency has recently increased. Interacting biological, chemical and hydrological stressors, including flooding, water turbidity and temperature

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